Looking to purchase a music lesson gift voucher for a special gift? Our music school is pleased to be able to offer music teacher gift vouchers for any amount you decide

To arrange a voucher, decide on the teacher first of all by searching the postcode and instrument of the recipient of the voucher.

If there is a teacher close enough to the recipient, you should email us at kevinsmith@primavolta.co.uk with details of the amount you would like to arrange the voucher for, the address the voucher is to be sent to (yours if you would like to give) and the name, address, postcode and instrument of the lucky recipient.

We will post a lovely voucher out to you first class once payment is cleared. Payment can be made to our music school by BACs or cheque. BACs will be much quicker.


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Testimonial 1 – My teacher was amazing and has given my son time in a professional and understanding manner.  My son progressed well and we hope to return at some point.  We can be sure to recommend our teacher to anyone wishing to learn this skill.  Many thanks.

Testimonial 2 – We are so grateful for all your encouragement over the years you’ve been teaching him.  We know how much he’s enjoyed it and loves to play the keyboard.  Thank you.

Testimonial 3 – Thank you for teaching me, giving support, encouragement and inspiration to help me further my career in music.

Glyn Jones (1) Katharine Harrison (2) Lisa Bailey (3)